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Phone-Socks - Phone-Socks, a unique way to protect your cell phone
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The Phone-Sock

Phone-Sock - A Phone-Sock given to employees on a company ski trip

A cell phone case personalized with your logo and your choice of colour.* What a novel idea!

This gift is guaranteed to be a personal and highly useful gift for your guests, members, clients, etc. and it will be in their hands several times a day.

* minimum order: 1500 items

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Our Offer

Phone-Sock - A case for Valentine's Day

For all your corporate events: golf tournaments, sales conferences, Christmas parties, product launches, professional exhibitions, fundraising campaigns and events, etc.

Send an invitation or product sample in a Phone-Sock. A sure way to stand out in the crowd! Small and light, it can easily be sent by mail.

We custom-make our Phone-Socks. Yours will be exclusive and unique. Your personal motif will be knitted into the Phone-Sock at the time of its production by industrial knitting machines at our factory.

We can insert a promotional or information card can into the Phone-Sock.

Other custom-made options: we can produce different sized Phone-Socks that will fit other items such as iPods and Palm Pilots. Ask us!

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Phone-Socks protect cell phones and their screens from damage and scratches. They also warm the batteries that can otherwise lose up to 50% of their capacity in low temperatures. A truly avant-garde and attractive gift.

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